St. Paul Lutheran Preschool

We believe a solid foundation in the early years is critical to future success in learning, which is why our teachers take every opportunity to encourage the growth of your child with love, patience, and understanding. Our program not only offers children what they need to prepare for future schoolwork and life experiences, but also instills a positive self-image, confidence in their abilities, and the assurance of God’s love. Our goal is to help your child grow spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically, and academically.

Our classroom teachers allow expression through pretend play, drawings, and words in a rich language environment that allows for rapid advancement of language skills. Sensory exploration is also provided to support varying learning styles.

Gross and fine motor development is supported with varying physical activities inside and outside of their classroom. Our large, well-groomed facility allows for various activities that help your child gain a sense of physical confidence. Social skills and emotional development are the primary focuses of our preschool programs, helping to prepare your child for future success in school.

The Lutheran Difference

At St. Paul Lutheran Preschool our students spend time nurturing their faith.  We read Bible stories everyday, sing songs about Jesus, and pray frequently. Each week we gather in the Sanctuary with Pastor Schultz where he reads us a Bible story and sings silly songs. We love Jesus and desire all who come to our school would hear and love Jesus too. 


St. Paul Lutheran Preschool
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